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Let's be real. When was the last time you TRULY treated yourself? If you have to pause and think about that answer, then it's time to seriously consider taking a 5 (Both minutes and dollars), make your way to 68 W Hubbard Street or any of the other 4 Firecakes locations around the city of Chicago, and take some time to indulge. Because you deserve it; especially if you haven't made your way into a Firecakes yet.

What makes Firecakes my go-to gourmet donut shop in the city? In addition to using locally farmed ingredients in their dough, they go the extra mile to make their toppings truly one-of a kind. The secret recipes that the Hobbs family originally used in the 1930's hold the test of time, with a few little "extra" boosts of flavor and creativity. For example, my favorite donut that Firecakes puts out is the Tahitian Vanilla yeast-raised. What makes me fork over $3.00 just for one donut? Easy. . . the quality.

Tahitian Vanilla boasts one of the biggest vanilla beans in the world. It is easily 2-3 times bigger and yields about 2-3 times more vanilla caviar per bean, which means even more explosive flavor! It's also a hell of a good looking donut when they add those little sugar pearls on top. It truly makes it look like you're eating one of the most luxurious donuts in the city. Also, here's a fun fact... VANILLA WAS WORTH MORE THAN SILVER IN KG LAST YEAR.

In addition to the Tahitian Vanilla, other regular flavors you'll find at Firecakes include the very photogenic pistachio old-fashioned, Triple Valrhona chocolate cake, and if you are looking for something on the smaller side, Firecakes offers the bite-size version of their favorites.

Firecakes is open late and offer delivery and online orders at their website, Do you want to learn more about this donut shop and other great donut gems around Chicago? Get a ticket to the Underground Donut Tour with two different Chicago tours happening weekly. More info here:

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