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Batu Preview!

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I have survived tech week for Nothing Without a Company's Not One, Batu and I can't be more excited to make my Chicago stage debut in this play that we're putting on right in front of Lake Michigan. It is without a doubt, my favorite "set" on which I've gotten to play. I mean, just check out the view:

This experience has been amazing for me. I'm proudly getting to represent my own race, albeit Jason is a little extreme of a character. I love playing characters that are often looked at as the antagonists or "bad guys." It is so rewarding delve into the script and find those redeeming qualities that make a person likeable. The audience may never see that work, but I think it's important, considering bad guys very rarely think their causes are evil, bad, what have you. I explored it tons with cast member, Scott Hanada, who is our improv veteran of the cast and plays Uncle Makana. I found what could drive a young person to a life of selling hard drugs. I also get to show what I could do with stage combat by getting in a little fight. I can't give too much away, but it definitely gets dirty, as seen here:

We begin previews tomorrow (Friday the 21st) and open June 27th! Come out to Berger Park and see this amazing story of Honey Girl and how she confronts her demons of meth use in Hawaii.

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