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Not One Batu Update

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Rehearsals for Nothing Without a Company's Not One Batu are in full swing and they are going great! It's been a crazy couple of weeks going from Doppelganger shows to intense movement rehearsals at Berger Park. But this is what I signed up for, and what I love doing! I'm exhausted every night in the best possible way. It's great to have a cast so inclusive and have Filipinos represented onstage in Chicago. We also have a beautiful new show poster that will match just how gorgeous our venue is. We are in the Berger Park mansion right next to the lake to give the impression of the Pacific Ocean. The lake almost acts as another cast member in this. I love it and can't wait to explore further with it. If you want to learn more about the situation in Hawaii, click the link to the banner and check out all of the awesome work our Dramaturg has done.

I also cannot have asked for a better cast to join. These are some passionate people that are willing to take the risks that our director, Rachel, is asking of us. These intense movement rehearsals are a great way to connect us as a cast. We have been making our own music with our lines, and feeling music to inform our movements. Previews will begin at the end of June, and tickets are on sale now!

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