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Not One, Batu

As the weather warms up in Chicago, I can't help but feel excited for my next project! There are so many reasons to look forward to this opportunity. First and foremost, this is the first time I will actually get to play a character who is my own race. In the ten years I have been taking my acting career seriously and throughout school, I have never been able to play Filipino. That alone gives me so much pride.

Second, my really good friend, Marie Tredway is playing the lead. Marie and I have a really amazing friendship because we met each other before either of us even started acting professionally. At a college theatre festival, we both were waiting on feedback from an acting competition, and we talked and found out we were both Filipino (As most Filipino people do). We stayed in contact all throughout school. Marie has helped open so many doors for me since I moved to the city, and she makes her Chicago debut in a lead role! She deserves it, and I'm glad to tell a story alongside someone as talented as Marie.

Finally, I'm really excited to tell this story. Not One, Batu sheds light on the Hawaiian meth epidemic. Hawaii is a place that many "mainland" people put on a pedestal and see it as an ultimate vacation paradise. But there is such a big, dark side to Hawaii that playwright, Hannah has decided to explore, and I can't wait to make people aware of what is happening.

We start rehearsals soon, so feel free to see more info in the picture link on my "Upcoming Projects" part of my website. I'll be updating as the process continues!

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